Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update on Where we Are~

I have been busy running a political campaign for our county and have not had the time to devote to this like I think it deserves. The election is over now and I will begin to focus on this project more intently. Those of you who have called sent packages and money.
Thank you.

To update you we have sent almost 1000 sets to date. We recieve a few more sets every day. It is amazing to me how God has blessed this endevor. Thanks to those of you who are spreading the word.

I have some follow up to do with many of you who have sent packages. It will be on its way in a few days. I just time to catch up and now with no election looming over my head I have the time.

I am going to begin to work with the group at Camp Gruber so there will an accountability for the funds that are sent in to help with postage. I apprecieate those of you whom have contributed but I was not prepared to accept money. So give me a week to work out the details with the group at CG and I will post here how checks should be sent.

Thanks also for the notes of encouragement. But it is not for allocades ~ it is a desire to help our troops. They are the ones who need our prayers and encouragement.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank-You Bartlesville!

(if the pictures do not appear just click on the "X") This last Friday I met with Paula K. Crawford" and picked up a trunk full of Pajama Pants. 92 sets! Paula organized a company GI pajama party and the employees at Conoco Phillips purchased and packaged the sets and had them ready to go! Thanks.

Julie Dermody Richard Brown-Treasurer S.A.L.Jim Edwards - Chaplin S.A.L.Charles Powell - Commander S.A.L.John Hardiman - A.L.With the check of $500 100 sets were purchased!Picture taken by Joshua Dermody (age10)

Then on Saturday I met with the American Legion in Bartlesville and they not only had a bunch of PJs they also had a check for $500 to purchase more PJs. With the assistance of A+ Uniform Resale in Tulsa located at 55th and Mingo we will purchase 100 sets of PJs for the injured troops.


Friday, July 4, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know we had great success July 3 and collected 67 sets of pj's for the injured troops in Iraq. Thanks to the Tulsa World's Rhett Morgan for the great story and Photographer JAMES GIBBARD. They did a great job on the story. Go to the link above to read the story.
Thanks to everyone who donated.
We will schedule another drop point in a couple of months! In the mean time if you want to send any via mail send them to
G. I. Pajama Party
c/0 Bethel Baptist Church
10705 East 86th Street North
Owasso, Ok 74055

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day Before Independence Day Drop

Press Release

What: GI Pajama Party
Location: Owasso, Wal-Mart
When: Thursday July 3, 2008
Time: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

On Thursday July 3 from 3-8 pm the Youth from Bethel Baptist Church will hold a G.I. Pajama party drop point at the Owasso Wal-Mart.

When soldiers are wounded in Iraq , they are taken to the hospital where their clothing is removed and they are given a hospital gown. (The kind that is slit up the backside) The trek to the hospital does not include stopping and getting an extra set of clothing ~ so our Heroes are left standing around with their bare bottoms playing peek-a-boo with every step they take.

On this day before Independence Day
Give a hearty cheer, for those who shed their blood for you.When the red, white and blue Streaks the sky,Remember those who for their flag On faraway soil did bleed and die...
&nbs p; (… Gary Jacobson)

Purchase a t-shirt and pajama pants or shorts and drop them by Wal-Mart on Thursday July 3 and sign the large card we’ll send to the Hospital in Baghdad.

We will package a set in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag with a personalized card wishing them rapid recovery and letting them know since they've got our backs its time for us to step up and cover theirs!

For more information contact
Julie Dermody

Friday, May 23, 2008


Hi !
Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a phone call from Channel 6 and was asked if we were soliciting for $$. This I have to tell you is NO! Please I encourage you to donate but what we are looking for is t-shirts, sleep pants and personalized cards. I know some of you don't have time to go shopping and would like to just give the money. I have from a few personal friends taken their dollars and purchased sleep pants. If it were not the fact they were friends I would have sent them to A+ Uniform REsale in Tulsa who has the set up and the connections to take money and have an accurate accounting. Please do not be swayed by anyone calling you and asking for money for this project. They are not doing so with our blessing or knowledge. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer just call. 918-232-3796

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Concert honoring Injured in Iraq and Veterans

On May 13th at the Will Rogers Theater on the Beautiful campus of RSU…the Rogers State University Music department will host the Tulsa Home School Band for their annual spring concert. This year’s concert will be a benefit for the injured soldiers in Iraq and honor veterans.
The band is participating in the Pj’s for GI’s and hope that those attending will bring a t-shirt, sleep pants/shorts or a personalized card of encouragement as their admission fee.

The concert begins at 7pm. Donations will be accepted at the door.

Tulsa Home School Band, INC was formed in 2004 and is now a 501c3 non-profit organization. We offer music (currently band and guitar) instruction in a class format to home school families at an affordable price. See Services for more details.Jerry Roper the founder and director has a BA in Music Education from New Mexico State University. He taught band, choir, and elementary music at Mesilla Valley Christian School in Las Cruces, NM for ten years. He has been teaching privately for 20 years. Jerry has also held music director positions at various churches and is currently the Music Director/Worship Leader at Living Oaks Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK.We began with only a handful of students and now run over 100 students in 3 different locations in the Tulsa area. We are excited about the growth and possibilities for the future.

For more information on Pj’s for GI’s go to

For more information contact Julie Dermody 918- 232-3796
Jerry Roper 918-850-5787

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Information

First I have to apologize I went out of town for a few days and I received numerous e-mails and phone calls during my absence. I am working to catch up ... If you called or emailed I will get back to you ... or you can call again to make the process quicker...

One thing that someone offered as being helpful is the phone number to A+ Uniform Re-sale...
That number is...
A-Plus Uniform Resale

(918) 622-5959

5505 S Mingo Rd # E Tulsa, OK

Pictures from the First Pajama Party

Cards .... simple white card stock cut in half then folded in half.... get kids and adults to design the cover.... we had the adults write a personal note inside each one... we left some blank if those bringing in PJs wanted to write a note as well.

Tulsa Police Officer Cole Butler designing cards ... helping out .... on his day off....

The final product.

Monday, March 31, 2008

News on 6 Story

Well, the weather kind of put a damper on things. But you know I am so excited that the Margret and Kyle from the News on 6 came and sat with us for a while. The story they produced is great!
I have had a couple of phone calls as well as emails from people wanting to help.
I will be sending this first batch to Camp Gruber on Monday. We will plan the next drop (PJ Party) sometime in May or the first of June.
This project will be sucessful, it just takes time to get the word out so everyone knows there is a need.
Thanks to all those who have helped so far!
Be sure and click on the link above and watch the video!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Media is Taking Notice!

Hey all
I got a phone call from one of the local media and they are going to come do a story and talk about what this project is all about on Monday at Bethel. If you have time let me encourage you to call the local radio stations and talk shows to talk about this project. It would be great to get them all on board!
I don't know if you have thought about it but this is a great opportunity for Oklahoman's to show our soldiers support.
I hope to see many of you on Monday and be sure to continue to spread the word so that others can help. This is a task that is going to take involvement from many.
'Till They All Come Home!

Purchase a New Set for Only $10

A+ Uniform resale has contacted several of their suppliers and has swung a deal with cut rate prices... For $10 they can get soft scrub pants and a good quality t-shirt (white). THis is a great price ... so if you want to get on board but don't have the time to find the bargins then head on over to 5505 South Mingo to A+ Uniform and they can help you out.
Thanks every one!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come and GO ~ Delivery

On Monday we will be taking dive ups. .. If you don't have time to come on in that is fine... we'll be watching for you on Monday at Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso from 8am to 7pm collecting your donations for the troops.
Now I know I said I wanted to accomplish this task by March 31.
We are going to get as many as possible for the troops this Monday so we can go ahead and send what we have and begin collecting again to send an additional shipment in a few months.
I feel more driven than ever since I heard that the Green Zone in Bagdad was attacked this morning and several troops were injured. This task is so important and will provide huge encouragment for our soldiers. I hope you will help!

Its Time to Bring in the Pajamas!

I will be at Bethel Baptist All day on Monday March 31st. Please bring your Pajama's and T-shirts for the troops!
Call the media and Let them Know as well!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drop off Locations

We have 2 drop off locations. If you have a bunch call me and I will be glad to make arrangments to pick them up.

Bethel Baptist Church
86th and Cedar
(next to Larry's Fried Chicken)

A+ Uniform Resale
5505 South Mingo
Suite E

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How this all got Started

I thought I needed to explain how this got started. My brother recently returned from Iraq safe and sound. (Praise the Lord!) He has returned back to work as a full time National Guard at Camp Gruber. Last Wednesday he called me from work and said "you doing anything?" I answered back saying "Well ofcourse I am always doing something right now I am driving to school...what do you need me to do?"
So apparently he received an e-mail that morning that made him think of me. His counter part in Iraq sent a request for Sleep pants and t-shirts. The soldiers who are in the hospital in Bagdad need something to cover their behinds.
SO that is how it started. Now we have to make it happpen. I will do my best but it will take more than just me it will take people like you. Let me know if you want to help!

Pajama Pants on Sale at Atwoods~

I found a sale today and was able to get 1o pair of pajama pants for $1.50 each. While I was shopping another lady began laughing at me for getting so many and I explained it was for the troops in Iraq. She stopped her shopping and went to the rack and grapped the rest of the pajama pants and purchased them and handed them to us before we left the store. What a Blessing!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Way to go!

Let's get those jammies gathered!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Patrotic Americans ~ Its time to have a Pajama party~!

When soldiers are wounded in Iraq, they are taken to the hospital where their clothing is removed and they are given a hospital gown. (The kind that is slit up the backside) The trek to the hospital does not include stopping and getting an extra set of clothing ~ so our Heroes are left standing around with their bare bottoms playing peek-a-boo with every step they take.
You know how demeaning hospital gowns can be ~ Remember walking down a crowed hallway, feeling a cold draft up your backside? Then remembering...oops the world is able to see my derrire? Our brave men and women deserve better. With your help, we can give them a little dignity as they recover from injuries sustained in IRAQ.
Our goal is to collect 5,000 sleep pants and t-shirts. We will package a set in 2 gallon Ziploc bags with a card wishing them rapid recovery and letting them know since they've got our backs its time for us to step up and cover their's!
To Be Part of Our Team
e-mail Julie Dermody at
or call 918-232-3796.
Now the kicker; we want to accomplish this by March 31, 2008
How can you help? Organize a pajama party where people can drop off t-shirts and sleep pants and stay and package them or have others willing to do the packing. This is going to be fun and it's great opportunity for groups to work together.
Imagine the possibility of getting more than the 5,000.
It is possible.
Please Note
New not used
T-shirts with no writing
Cotton or Flannel Sleep pants with out words printed

I look forward to collaborating with your groups as we set out to accomplish our goal!
Until they All Come HOME!