Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How this all got Started

I thought I needed to explain how this got started. My brother recently returned from Iraq safe and sound. (Praise the Lord!) He has returned back to work as a full time National Guard at Camp Gruber. Last Wednesday he called me from work and said "you doing anything?" I answered back saying "Well ofcourse I am always doing something right now I am driving to school...what do you need me to do?"
So apparently he received an e-mail that morning that made him think of me. His counter part in Iraq sent a request for Sleep pants and t-shirts. The soldiers who are in the hospital in Bagdad need something to cover their behinds.
SO that is how it started. Now we have to make it happpen. I will do my best but it will take more than just me it will take people like you. Let me know if you want to help!

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