Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update on Where we Are~

I have been busy running a political campaign for our county and have not had the time to devote to this like I think it deserves. The election is over now and I will begin to focus on this project more intently. Those of you who have called sent packages and money.
Thank you.

To update you we have sent almost 1000 sets to date. We recieve a few more sets every day. It is amazing to me how God has blessed this endevor. Thanks to those of you who are spreading the word.

I have some follow up to do with many of you who have sent packages. It will be on its way in a few days. I just time to catch up and now with no election looming over my head I have the time.

I am going to begin to work with the group at Camp Gruber so there will an accountability for the funds that are sent in to help with postage. I apprecieate those of you whom have contributed but I was not prepared to accept money. So give me a week to work out the details with the group at CG and I will post here how checks should be sent.

Thanks also for the notes of encouragement. But it is not for allocades ~ it is a desire to help our troops. They are the ones who need our prayers and encouragement.

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