Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank-You Bartlesville!

(if the pictures do not appear just click on the "X") This last Friday I met with Paula K. Crawford" and picked up a trunk full of Pajama Pants. 92 sets! Paula organized a company GI pajama party and the employees at Conoco Phillips purchased and packaged the sets and had them ready to go! Thanks.

Julie Dermody Richard Brown-Treasurer S.A.L.Jim Edwards - Chaplin S.A.L.Charles Powell - Commander S.A.L.John Hardiman - A.L.With the check of $500 100 sets were purchased!Picture taken by Joshua Dermody (age10)

Then on Saturday I met with the American Legion in Bartlesville and they not only had a bunch of PJs they also had a check for $500 to purchase more PJs. With the assistance of A+ Uniform Resale in Tulsa located at 55th and Mingo we will purchase 100 sets of PJs for the injured troops.


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